Delivering accurate and informative results

MedLab is proud to partner with the same accredited laboratories and use the same methods for processing your sample as the NHS. Combining results with the latest in health tracking; MedLab delivers accurate and informative results, allowing you to take the necessary action make the right decisions.

MedLab test kit

Working in partnership with the NHS.MedLab and NHS partnership

How accurate are my results?

The short answer to this is that results produced from MedLab will be at least as accurate as you would expect to receive from your doctor. Our labs are UKAS accredited and validation tests are run on all of the finger-prick blood samples processed by MedLab, before making them available to you.

The sample you want from me seems very small! Why?

The reality is that your GPs ordinarily take ‘extra’ blood just in case additional tests are required. Your MedLab blood sample is asking very precise questions because you want very precise answers, so we only need a small amount of blood in order to test the things you have asked for in your subscription.

So, what’s the difference between using MedLab and a blood test from my GP?

Well, the primary (obvious) difference is that most hospital or doctor based tests are venous (ie your sample is typically taken from a vein). MedLab’s testkit is a finger prick. Be assured that studies have concluded that identical results are produced via both collection methods. In fact, a sample that your GP takes from a patient today might very well be processed on the same machine as your MedLab sample.

What happens if I don’t follow the instructions and collect my sample incorrectly?

Inside your MedLab testkit is a very simple set of instructions that you’ll find easy to follow. You can also get a digital version here. Follow these and you won’t have a problem. In very rare instances a sample can haemolyse (when you blood cells rupture) – this typically only happens if you squeeze your finger too hard when collecting the sample. Obviously we want to get you your results as quickly as possible, so if this does happen to your sample; be assured that we’ll send out a free replacement kit. Other (unlikely) scenarios where we will ship out a second kit to you are if there is a postal delay. Our collection tubes contain additives which preserve the blood in transit, however, our lab will of course let us know if a sample has been delayed too long in transit and another kit will be shipped out straight away!

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